We live in a time of accelerated and compound transformation. From a prevailing sense that the economy does not work for all, fears of an uninhabitable earth, and the rapid expansion of digital technology into everyday life, our institutions are struggling to maintain relevance, our families are stressed, and fragmentation accelerates. 

An ideas lab, Capita was founded in 2018 to explore how the great cultural and social transformations of our day affect young children, and foster new ideas to ensure a future in which children and their families flourish.

The framework of flourishing creates powerful new influence to shape cultures and systems in which all children and their families thrive in the midst of great social transformations, economic insecurity, political uncertainty, technologically enabled “human downgrading”, and cultural liquidity.

We understand a life of flourishing to be that which allows individuals and communities to imagine and become what they wish to be with passion, purpose, and excellence.

Flourishing incorporates education, health, access to artistic and cultural assets, mental and spiritual well-being, and the ability to contribute meaningfully as a citizen and member of society.