Trend mapping and forecasting are proven tools for innovation in the corporate sector, but they have not been fully leveraged in the social impact space, especially with a focus on children and families. In partnership with Knowledge Works, the Futures for Young Children and their Families Forecast will be the first of its kind in this sector—while leveraging perspectives and insights from forecasters, urbanists, and game designers to parents, providers, and policymakers—and will provide a highly dynamic platform for raising awareness of issues facing families and mobilizing resources and partnerships for change. It will also serve as the basis for developing program and policy strategies for the organizations involved.

child care home

Capita and Auburn University’s Rural Studio aim to develop a prototype of a 20K House for in-home child care providers in rural West Alabama. Built upon the success of the 20K House product line and the recent development of the Income House, the Child Care Home project will develop a prototype of a beautiful, efficient, durable, and affordable home specifically designed to meet the needs of family child care providers living and working in the rural South.

childhood by design

In collaboration with AIR Serenbe, Capita hosts a powerful network of artists, architects, designers, and placemakers focused on using their skills and the resources of their disciplines to drive innovation and impact for children. Furthermore, Capita celebrates the importance of stories and the arts in the shaping of children's own personal narratives, conceptions of self, relationships, and of the world, and their location within our broader cultural narratives of race, gender, and class. Within this strategy, we go beyond just facilitating the integration of the arts in early childhood settings, and commission artists in the production of new work for children, and engage them in a reimagining their embedded childhood experiences with their family, their friends, and their communities.

In collaboration with AIR Serenbe and Reach Out and Read Carolinas, we’ve mostly recently supported Ebony Glenn and Joey Chou with time and space to create new work through the Wonders of Childhood Focus Fellowship.

changing the conversation about children’s flourishing

The HeadStarter Network and Capita are convening a national conversation to reframe the message about investing in the well-being of children. Invoking concepts such as human dignity, we are repositioning early childhood education and care as a key enabler of and investment in sustained human flourishing. The outcome of this initiative is a national messaging campaign to shape the public dialogue about investing in children and families.